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Teach & Travel is Impact China's flagship program. This innovative opportunity gives volunteers valuable international work experience, amazing travel experiences, while making a meaningful difference in the lives of children. 

Our program specializes in organizing English immersion and “American Experience” camps for school children, in places where they have little access to native English speakers or experiences outside of a traditional classroom. Our volunteers teach English and a variety of educational and extracurricular activities. Every camp culminates with several days paid travel to some of the most interesting and breathtaking places on earth.


Camps run from two to eight weeks each summer, from approximately the end of June to mid-August. Impact China provides everything you need for success, including training, curriculum, and in-country supervision. We consider volunteers of all ages, experience level and background. The main qualifications are a can-do attitude and the desire to make an impact for good in the world. 

 Why teach English? Why in China?


China is the world’s most populous nation, has the largest economy, and is the USA’s biggest trade partner. Yet, in many ways it is still a developing country. Students who have cross-cultural experience and can speak English have far more opportunities in life than those who don't. We believe teaching the children of China will not only open doors for their futures individually, but open doors to better understanding, diplomacy and peace between our two great nations in general, leading to a brighter future for all of us.


 $2400 for the summer 


$1600 Winter

Price includes:


  • Round-trip airline ticket

  • Housing

  • 3 meals/day

  • In-country transportation

  • Training and support

  • All activities and entrance fees to travel locations


Includes all lodging, 3 meals per day, in-country transportation, full-time professional staff, translator, cultural activities, weekend excursions, educational materials, and pre-departure training and support.


Does not include: Passport/Visa, travel insurance and personal souvenirs.


Discount incentives available. Contact us for more info.

More info on our 2017 Trip page. Or, download the brochure.


You Will Get:


Cultural Immersion |  Independence | Teaching Experience | Adventure | Accomplishment | Confidence | Leadership | Teamwork | Diversity | Mentoring and Coaching Experience| Appreciation |  Living Away from Home | New Perspectives | Personal Growth | Organizational Skills | Adaptability | Communication Skills | Real-World Work Experience | Problem-solving Skills | Joy | Resume Material | Sense of Accomplishment | Life-long Friendships | Global Citizenship | Making an Impact

You Will Give:


Personal Attention | Time  |  New Experiences |  Care of a Loving Adult | Inspiration | Practice Reading and Writing English |  Communication Skills  | Adventure | A Positive Role Model | English listening Skills |  Smiles | Leadership | Good Example | Your Talents | Fun | Friendship | Mentoring and Coaching | Self-Esteem | English Speaking Skills | Joy | Service | Motivation to Study | Experience with Americans  |  Practice Doing Hard Things | Window into Another Way-of-Life | Tools to Succeed| |A Better Future